Saturday, 07.23.16: A revised, simplified version of my 2010 essay “Why We Cannot Stop Abrupt Climate Change”

Friday, 07.22.16: New post entitled “Some Things I learned from Lynn Margulis

Monday, 05.23.16: I’m working on a new blog post — first of a series — now, and will post the first draft in a day or two.  Working title: Alder Stone, Ermah Ge & the DoFoPlex.
It will contain elements of this one on Ermah Ge’s blog, but more personalized,
and addressing personal issues that are not included in that one.

Last blog post here: Saturday, December 26,2015 from near Ocala, Florida:

2016: Whither Alder Stone & Ermah Ge?


“Any people not willing to reconsider old ideas
as they step into new contexts may be doomed
to live in a fatal cultural dead end.”
— Paul Bohannan, How Culture Works


Q: What’s the difference between
an adventure and an ordeal?
A: Attitude.
— Anon


“It’s not an apocalypse; it’s an adventure.”
— Alder Stone, who created that adage in 2012

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