It’s raining

Here’s a first exercise for Gaia school. Please think of this as a fun learning exercise; no grades will be assigned. 😉

I’ve posted this exercise in several places – Goggle +, Facebook and this blog – to see what kinds of responses are offered. I’ll offer my response at a later time, along with my motivation for both my response and for posing the exercise. Even though I hope the exercise will be interesting and fun, the point that I hope to make with it is not trivial.

Here it is. Outside my window, it’s raining. (Well, it was when I posted this.) In one or two complete sentences – they can be long and complex, but preferably with good punctuation – explain what that means, including what “it” is.

Registered users of this site can enter a response in a comment. (Comments are moderated, so they will not appear immediately.) Others can send responses by email.

While you’re working on this exercise, I’m going to draft another post about “Gaia school” – the concept and potential evolution – and the primer course that I’ve developed as the main entry-level focus for Gaia school:  my new seminar Gaia 101 : A Story of Gaia, offered both online and in person (mostly in central Maine for now).

I have designed that seminar so that students in the school can understand what Gaia is, what it is not, and the multiple ways that we study it, with sciences – especially systems sciences and geophysiology – being the main but not only modes.

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  1. David Unsell says:

    It is the sum or outcome of conditions and processes bearing on the proximal atmosphere from which the observer has become separated or at views as a separate entity.

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