Abnormal heat, Margulis memorial, then …

Happy Spring Equinox … a day late.

March 21 : today’s forecast high temperature for here in Waterville ME is 76F with a heat index of 78F.  I’m willing to bet it’ll hit 80F downtown here where most surfaces are covered by asphalt.  [Added by edit: the official temp here today was 84F.]

The normal (average) maximum for this day is 44F, with the previous high of 62F set in 1979.  Another one bites the dust.

And of course, this abnormal excursion – which began here in Maine last Sunday while I was up in Dexter offering a weekend version of Gaia 101 : Understanding Abrupt Climate Change Using System Sciences and Geophysiology – is an international event.  How perfect was the timing, right?

So, right now, I’m sitting in my Waterville apartment overlooking down town with windows open and a fan on as I put finishing touches on my presentation for this weekend’s memorial conference for Lynn Margulis in Amherst MA.  At 7 am Friday, I will hop the first bus on a 9-hour ride from Augusta to Amherst via Boston.  (There are no shorter routes for those of us without a personal vehicle.)  I have five minutes at the memorial to offer a “reflection” piece, for which I am deeply honored.

Next Monday, I will take the return bus trip back to Augusta (then 30 miles back to Waterville), and will begin scheduling lectures and seminars for the month of April.  I’ll post that schedule in my calendar page asap.

In addition, I’ll soon be announcing the birth of a new non-profit organization based around Gaia 101. It’s called the Climate Adaptability Project (CAP).   We’re working on the new web site now.

Please stay tuned …


PS: The Margulis memorial conference was wonderful and inspiring on several levels.  Saturday and Sunday (morning) included some of the best science lectures I’ve ever heard, mostly in 15 minute chunks, by many who studied with, researched with or were at least influenced by Lynn’s work.   My 5 minute “reflection” piece was well received, even if my delivery was not as strong as I’m capable of.  The lectures were punctuated by lots of real emotion, oscillating between laughter and tears.  I’m planning to write a review as soon as time allows.   Given my accelerating workload, that may take a while …

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