Without a healthy Earth …

“What, in this situation, needs to be done first?  This is a question about priorities.  And the key to it is perhaps clearest in the image that I used earlier of an ocean liner which is beginning to sink – only (as we explain) not at our end…. Of course it is understandable that we do not see the planetary danger.  Other, more immediate evils constantly demand our attention.  Conditions on the terrestrial ship are bad in a thousand ways and endless things need to be done about them.  But if the ship sinks, curing those evils will not be much help.  The message is not that we should value the health of the earth above human needs.  It is that these are not alternatives.  Without a healthy earth, humans cannot survive anyway.”  —  Mary Midgley, Gaia: The Next Big Idea


I’ll help readers understand that quote, beginning in January with my new course series.

Description of that series is coming.

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