Alder Stone & Ermah Ge: Evolution in Spring, 1015

This post contains some of the most exciting news for me and Ermah Ge that I’ve offered since arriving in Maine in summer, 2010.  Ermah Ge – the education collective that I founded in 2013 — is about to make a giant leap forward.

First, a little context for the last few months.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything substantive here.  I wasn’t slacking — no, “My cat ate my homework!” stories from me.  I was just busy with a class about geophysiology last fall and working on an ecological consulting position that was not directly related to my teaching.  (Unfortunately, the promised funding for that position never developed, so much time was lost.  🙁   But it was a learning experience, so every cloud has a silver lining.)

Then, in December, 2014, we moved our professional studio and my personal residence to a new location in Owls Head, ME, near Rockland.  I love it here!  Here’s a shot of the shore just a couple of hundred meters below the new studio.  This image will be part of Ermah Ge’s new banner image.

Then, from January to now came development of our exciting new program, The Earth 101 Experience.  Spring classes, first in Fairfield, ME — begin with free introductory overviews Thursday, April 23 and Thursday, April 30, followed by the first class session Thursday, May 7.   Please see below for more details.

Now for the best news.   First, Ermah Ge is evolving and expanding in a wonderful way.  Rockland, has been a great place for that to happen.  I love it here, and see it as my long-term home, and where Ermah Ge will be based (even though our work will extend to other Maine communities, and even to other parts of the world via teleconferences and videos).   We now have multiple associates in Maine and across the United States, and even more advisors around the world.  Our new web site is underdevelopment.

Second, our new web site is still under construction.  Please feel free to take a preliminary look here.  This site — — will revert to my personal blog where I can be myself in a personal way, separated — mostly — from my professional existence within Ermah Ge.  (It’s been a challenge over the years using one site for both.)

Third, during the last several months, our Ermah Ge team has been busy developing our exciting new program called The Earth 101 Experience.  The page on is here; that page will develop more soon, including new videos.  It introduces basic principles of the complexity or system sciences — a revolution and renaissance in the sciences — then applies them to living systems – from cells to organisms – ecosystems, whole Earth systems, abrupt climate change and societies.  This is not merely a set of classes.  It does include classes in live and teleconferenced versions, but also readings, videos, tutorials and tutoring, conversations, an online forum, community-building & outdoor experiences.

Here is a 25 minute video introduction to the Earth 101 Experience.   Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15, we will send details about free introductory lectures in Fairfield ME  (just up river from Waterville) on Thursdays, April 23 and April 30, 5:30 – 7:30 pm (same lecture both days for scheduling convenience), followed by the start of classes on Thursday, May 7, 5:30 pm, also in Fairfield at the same location (Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, who are sponsoring our lectures and classes).  We also intend to offer lectures and classes soon in Rockland.  [Note: for subscribers to this blog who are not on our regular mailing list,  please contact me for details.]

Finally, we are starting a fundraising campaign to help us take Ermah Ge to the next level more quickly.  Donations can be applied to your own Ermah Ge class fees, or if you choose, into a scholarship fund for financially-challenged students.   We will be sending details of that via within a few days, and will also post details both here and on

More to come.  This year — 2015 — will be the year that Ermah Ge flowers.
The best is yet to come!  Please stay tuned!

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