A Bifurcation Cascade: Evolution @ AlderStone3.com

Yesterday, I posted a new blog post on the home page of this site.  I’ll eventually migrate it here — to the blog section of the site — but for now, I wanted it on the home page.

Why?  It’s an exceptionally important post.  It marks several bifurcations in my life, where “bifurcation is a term from non-linear dynamics indicating “single line or path splits into two”.

My bifurcations are both personal and professional, and include the fact that I now have two web sites: this one, which is becoming my personal blog and will take a vastly different path from hence forth, because the other one — ErmahGe.com — will become my professional site, a collaboration with other associates, advisors and students.

My other bifurcation involves a decision that I will make June 1, 2015 about whether to remain in Maine or migrate back to Oregon for an unspecified period of time. The new post explains that in detail.

Finally, due to a corrupted database ostensibly related to the fact that I have not updated my version of WordPress used to run this site in a very long time ***, yesterday, I lost the entire user list for this forum, and it appears there is no backup.  (I’m still exploring that option with the web host.)

So, if you receive this via RSS feed, and have been a user, please resubscribe.  I’ll be adding some — friends, colleagues, students, supporters — for whom I have emails and can re-subscribe them.  For others, alas, I do not, so have probably lost some subscribers.

OK, thanks for reading.  Much more to come, and this site will now evolve in an interesting way.  Just to whet your taste, here is a list — from the bottom of the home page post — of blog post topics coming up.

  • My needs list if I am to realize my potential beginning in June,
    and still be able to continue working in Maine until next winter.
  • How I — with the help of Ermah Ge associates, advisors and students —
    will earn commitments to meet my needs by June.
  • An explanation of Alder Stone & Ermah Ge’s fee system, with video.
  • My simple rule sets (see Wolfram’s New Kind of Science)
    for personal and professional interactions, including class rules.
  • Walking in the Ocean on an Owl’s Head: A Video Essay
  • The Late, Great Jim Murphy: My Belated Homage to a True Friend
  • EDM, ITC & GoT:  My Favorite Music, Books & Films
  • Sagan, Carlin, DiFranco, Carano & Bridger: Who is Alder Stone?
  • Boots, Blades & Backpacks: An Everyday Kit for Day Hikes & Overnighters
  • On Walking, Backpacking & Bikepacking: Why I Will Buy a Surly ECR,
    and a Subaru Outback to carry it to trailheads into wild places
  • What Does the Edge of Chaos Sound Like? Exploration Using a Roland HPD-15
  • A Tiny House on Wheels: My Dream Home
  • The Death of BAU or Extinction: It’s Our Choice … But Not For Long


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