2016: Whither Alder Stone & Ermah Ge?

Saturday, December 26  — Happy new year!

I write that before the official new year on January 1.   For me, even though the calendar still reads 2015 for five more days, it’s already 2016.  That’s because we’re several days past winter solstice — or Yule — and with my planetary, Ge’an perspective, the start of a new solar new year is more important than human-made calendars.   But I won’t quibble if you disagree.  What ever floats yer boat.

And I’m not creating this post to argue about such fine points of interpretation.  There are bigger, more important goals afoot.

This post is the first of the new year, and signals an increase in post frequency.  Due to circumstances largely beyond my control — unfortunately, since they were not always pleasant — I’ve not been in a proper creative head space to blog often, and also often lacked the time.  That’s changing now.

Topics for the next few weeks?  In no particular order

  • My current status in the state of Florida for an overwinter experience — although nothing even remotely similar to “winter” is occurring here.  Like most of the east coast, we’ve been in the high 70’s and (mostly) low to mid-80’s since I arrived in early November.  I call this hot and humid, and not fully pleasant for an acclimated Maine-iac.
  • An update on video production and updated slide shows for the Earth 101 course series (Complexity, Biology, Geophysiology, Climate and Adaptability, including a new video series about outdoor gear that play a role in Ermah Ge’s adaptability program, but are also just fun!).  I’m converting all slide shows from Prezi — which had become stale — to Apple Keynote, and recording videos.  I’m making progress, and happy with the results so far — as are others — and looking forward to accelerating a bit more.
  • I will be returning to Maine after winter — the question is, when and how, and to where?  I’ll share an evolving plan to answer that question.
  • My goal to use posts  here — along with videos (some posted here), teleconferencing, an online forum and — when necessary — email — to communicate next steps for me, Ermah Ge and other associates (to the extent that they wish to participate).  My intention is to take Ermah Ge (EG) to a whole ‘nuther level, a new far more dynamic attractor state in 2016.  Working title for this  next phase: the emergence and self-organization of the Ermah Ge Transcontinental Learning Community.   I am 100%, no holds barred committed.  Failure to do so by the end of 2016 — next winter solstice — is not only undesirable.  I’ll save the consequences for another time, should the need arise.  My goal is that we won’t even need to discuss it.
  • A more clear articulation of the crucial importance of Ermah Ge’s unique programs and curriculum, and clarification of our central foci:
    • Complexity sciences applied to living systems, especially cells, organisms, ecosystems and Ge
    • A new focus on non-equilibrium thermodynamics (NET), using the stunningly excellent book Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics and Life by Eric Schneider and Dorion Sagan, which I am rereading now for the dozenth time in preparation for a transcontinental reading seminar and lecture/video series associate with it.
  • Other topics to be named later, but that’s enough for now.

Please stay tuned.  Please bring friends.  Subscriptions are welcome, but I only accept subscriptions at this point from people using real names with a verifiable email address.  (Sorry, spam is horrible and very annoying for admins.)

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