Vlogging My Way to the UK

It’s been a long time — months — since I posted here.  Got caught in a whirlwind until December 6, then — after settling in my new long term (at least 1.5 years, until I go to Scotland) — I took a few months off for R&R after six hellacious years.  (See my previous post for that story.)

But now I’m finally back in the saddle and ready to rock and roll.  I have big plans for the remainder of 2017 and 2018 that include putting several courses — two intro (Complexity 101 and Earth 101s (short) plus one advanced course — into video course mode and will sell them here as well as on Udemy.com.  More on that soon.

I am also taking steps for an extended visit — 6 to 12 months — in my genetic homeland, the UK, especially Scotland.  I have big plans for that trip, and will decide while I’m there whether to return to the US.  There are several factors in that decision that can’t be addressed sufficiently until I’m there.  I’ll discuss those another time.

My next post here will be my first public vlog post, and will offer an overview of my plans outlined above.  More soon ….

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