Ermah Ge


Ermah Ge is a learning community that has evolved since 2001 based around my Earth Studies Program. We intend to develop Ermah Ge as a business organization in 2018.

For a few years, there was a web site at I have disabled it now as Ermah Ge undergoes a major re-organization during my transition from the US to Scotland. The web site will be relaunched at a later time with a slightly different URL.

Until then, news about the Ermah Ge Learning Community will be posted here.

Beginning in October, 2017, and continuing for months and years, I will launch an exciting new educational program: Self-Organization 110 (SO 110). It will be video and teleconference based, and focus on selected chapters from 12 of the most important advanced texts in the Earth Studies Program (mostly one or two chapters from each book). Complexity 101 — beginning as a video/teleconferenced course — is prerequisite to participation in SO 110.

Below is a screen shot of a mind map (using XMind) of the project.  As soon as enrollment begins, I will have an extra $100 to upgrade my limited trial version of XMind to XMind Pro.  Then I’ll be able to create slide shows, and make the entire map available to participants on line, where they can explore the entire map, clicking to expand each node, follow links, images, documents, videos …

Details, enrollment and logistics to come soon … Please contact me with questions and expressions of interest.

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