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Lovelock’s climate punt : part 1

{Updated: 05.07.12} I’m reasonably sure at least some subscribers to this web site and blog are wondering about my opinion about James Lovelock’s ‘flip’ in his ┬áposition about abrupt climate change as represented in his recent interview with MSNBC. Well, … Continue reading

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Essay revision: Why large-scale climate change (probably) cannot be stopped

Over the last few days, I completed a major revision of an essay that I first wrote about five years ago. It is here in Resources/Essays. I’ve been intending to revise it for some time, but was finally motivated to … Continue reading

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Understanding Climate Change : First Things First

Summary : To accurately comprehend climate change, one must first understand some basic principles of systems sciences and geophysiology, because climate does not fully yield its dynamics to analysis by contemporary mechanistic, reductionist sciences. My trio of public lectures – … Continue reading

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