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Essay revision: Why large-scale climate change (probably) cannot be stopped

Over the last few days, I completed a major revision of an essay that I first wrote about five years ago. It is here in Resources/Essays. I’ve been intending to revise it for some time, but was finally motivated to … Continue reading

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Ramping Up : Posts & Presentations about Gaia & Climate

First published on 2/14, Valentine’s day, I originally titled this post “Gaia, will you be my valentine?” Later, I learned that V-day has joined the realm of “controversial holiday names” <sigh>. And, admittedly, the title seemed a little gimmicky and … Continue reading

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I’ve been researching ways to organize this blog – an example of social media – within the Web 2.0 format. Within WordPress – the software that I’m using to build this site – one can organize blog posts (v static … Continue reading

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